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New Wing Construction

New Wing Construction

In 2012, as the Home began to fill up, it became very apparent that we needed more space.  Jim...

Well Project

Well Project

After three years of preparation and hard work, we are finally drilling a well on the property of...

March Babies

March Babies

Last year we saw many of our young ladies with babies leave the Home and return to their...

  • New Wing Construction

    New Wing Construction

    Wednesday, 01 May 2013 21:46
  • Well Project

    Well Project

    Wednesday, 01 May 2013 23:21
  • March Babies

    March Babies

    Wednesday, 01 May 2013 23:46

Emmanuel Home of Protection

More Girls are Arriving

Since the last update four more young ladies have arrived. 

At the end of December, Nora Ligia came to live with us.  She is 15 years old and is expecting to give birth to a baby boy in April.  She is a Christian young lady who shows much maturity.  She loves studying and hopes to be a dentist in the future. 

In late January we received Maria Jose and Iris in the same week.  Maria Jose is 12 years old and is a bundle of energy and the whole room brightens when she enters.  She is doing well and adjusting to life at the children's home.  Iris is 15 years old with special needs.  She loves her classes and loves visiting the zoo.  Since a visit to the zoo in January, she asks everyday to go see the monkeys again.

In early February, Jeyzzel arrived.  She is thriteen years old and we just found out in early March that she is pregnant and will probably give birth in October.  The first few weeks were a little difficult for her, but she is now adjusting to her new life with us. 

Please pray for these young ladies and that God would do his work in their hearts and lives.