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New Wing Construction

New Wing Construction

In 2012, as the Home began to fill up, it became very apparent that we needed more space.  Jim...

Well Project

Well Project

After three years of preparation and hard work, we are finally drilling a well on the property of...

March Babies

March Babies

Last year we saw many of our young ladies with babies leave the Home and return to their...

  • New Wing Construction

    New Wing Construction

    Wednesday, 01 May 2013 21:46
  • Well Project

    Well Project

    Wednesday, 01 May 2013 23:21
  • March Babies

    March Babies

    Wednesday, 01 May 2013 23:46

Emmanuel Home of Protection

June Baptisms

On Sunday, June 6th, we had the opportunity to join with BMDMI's church in San Gregorio to celebrate a baptism service in a nearby river.  We traveled down the rough dirt road for several kilometers to finally arrive at a part of the river that had been dammed up to make a swimming hole.  On one end is a beautiful waterfall that cascades down the rocks for about 40 to 50 feet and ends below on a flat rocky surface.  It was a beautiful day ina beautiful place.  The only problem was that the owners of the park forgot to close up the dam until about an hour before we arrived.  So, we had to wait about an hour for the area to fill.  When it filled it was quite muddy but we went ahead with the baptisms anyway.

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Dinora and Osmeri have babies

There is never a dull moment at the Emmanuel Home of Protection.  Two our our young ladies recently gave birth to healthy babies. 

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Graduation and Promotions

We kicked off December with graduations and promotions.  In all, we had five young ladies graduating from high school or promoting from the sixth grade.

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Sugeylis Baptized

Last year Sugeylis decided to accept Jesus Christ as her Savior and Lord.  This past February we had the privilege of seeing her baptized at the Gracia de Dios Baptist Church in Diriamba.  We have been taking the young ladies to church there since December of 2010.  All have enjoyed the services and are starting to get involved in the church.  We are proud of Sugeylis for taking the step to follow the Lord in believers baptism.

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