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New Wing Construction

New Wing Construction

In 2012, as the Home began to fill up, it became very apparent that we needed more space.  Jim...

Well Project

Well Project

After three years of preparation and hard work, we are finally drilling a well on the property of...

March Babies

March Babies

Last year we saw many of our young ladies with babies leave the Home and return to their...

  • New Wing Construction

    New Wing Construction

    Wednesday, 01 May 2013 21:46
  • Well Project

    Well Project

    Wednesday, 01 May 2013 23:21
  • March Babies

    March Babies

    Wednesday, 01 May 2013 23:46

Emmanuel Home of Protection

Our Vision

In Nicaragua, as in other Central American countries, there are many children in need of help.  There are thousands of children living in extreme poverty where many struggle to find enough food to survive each day.  Coupled with this, there are many children who live in abusive situations.  Sometimes the abuse is a result of the poverty, but often caused by a culturally poor view of children and their value and an overall lack of spritual conviction and education.  In light of the many needs that exist, we feel God's calling to minister and care for young ladies who have been subjected to abuse.


While many children's homes offer a good place to sleep and eat, it is our goal and vision to do something more.  It is our goal to minister to each young lady spritually, emotionally and physically with the love of Jesus Christ.  In doing this we hope to acheive the following goals and objectives:


Objectives / Vision / Mission



  • Provide a safe place for the growth and development of the young ladies under our care.



  • Provide a place where the young ladies can feel love and develop a healthy self-esteem.



  • To model the correct relationship between adults and children so as to break the chain of abuse that many have experienced.



  • To teach biblical principals and values to the young ladies.



  • To provide each young lady with the opportunity to know Jesus Christ as personal Lord, Savior and Healer.



  • To provide a good education that will include vocational training in a Christian environment.



  • To provide a family environment in as much is possible in the setting of the children’s home.



  • Help the young ladies grow to become productive citizens of Nicaragua.

Contact Us

Below you will find ways to contact us.


Missionaries Karl and Beth Brassfield - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


BMDMI Administrative Offices


  • 11 Plaza Drive
    Hattiesburg, MS 39402
    Phone: 601.544.3586
    Fax: 601.544.6508


Welcome to our website and thank you for visiting us here.


The Emmanuel Home of Protection is a ministry of Baptist Medical and Dental Mission Int'l that is located in Diriamba, Nicaragua and provides protection for young ladies who have been victims of abuse.  We provide a loving and safe environment where thes young ladies receive spiritual, emotional and psychological support, education, pre-vocational training, food, clothing and shelter.  These young ladies may or may not have family, but have been placed in our care beccause of their need for special protection.


We also function as a Center of Prevention.  Under this program, at-risk young ladies stay with us during the week to receive much of the same attention that our full-time residents receive.  In most cases these young ladies have family, but for various reasons live in situations where they are at high risk of being abused or falling into a destructive lifestyle.  These young ladies return to their homes on the weekends when there is a higher level of supervision from their working parents.


We also have a few young ladies who fall under our Transition Plan.  These are young ladies who are over 18 years of age and have no other place to go.  The young ladies in this plan are in the process of finishing their education, are studying in a university or are starting to work and saving up for a time when they can start a life on their own. 


Please take time to look around on our site where you can read about recent events at the Home or you can view pictures of the girls and possibly choose to sponsor one of them.