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Mian House 


The Emmanuel Home of Protction is a part of Baptist Medical and Dental Mission International (BMDMI) and is located in the small town of Diriamba, Nicaragua, just thrity minutes south of the capital city of Managua.  It is supervised by career missionaries Karl and Beth Brassfield who arrived in Nicaragua in early 2007 with their four children.  Construction was completed on the first building in August of 2008 and we received our first young lady the following month.  In May of 2010, missionaries Chris and Laura Johnson arrived with their family to aid in the work at the home.


We are working under the supervision of the Ministry of Families (MiFamilia), an entity of the Nicaraguan government, and are approved to care for girls ages eighteen and under who have been subjected to abuse.  Many of the girls still have families, but have been removed from their families and placed in our care because of the abuse they received.  It is our goal to provide a secure and loving environment for these girls and to minister to them spiritually, emotionally and physically with the love of Christ.


Karl, Beth, Nora, Ivan, Emily, Melanie, Natalie and Isaac Brassfieid