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June Surprise

In mid-June of 2012 the Ministry of Families called looking for a place for 8 special needs kids that were in another Home that was being closed.  Desiring to be helpful, we agreed.  The next day we met the Ministry of Families at the other Home only to find that there were 15 kids instead of 8.  With much help we loaded them up to make the trip to our Home where they were to stay with us for a week until they could be transferred to another Home in Chinandega. 

It was amazing to see what God did in the following days.  We had absolutely no experience working with children with severe needs, we had no room to put them and we didn't have enough staff to care for them.  So all of our staff and many of the girls in the Home all chipped in to help feed, bathe and care for the girls.  We borrowed one of the dorm rooms from our mission's Bible Institute for more bed space for our girls and best of all, God sent a team of twelve from Ft. Smith, AR to help for the week.  They thought they were there to do some painting and some activities with our girls, but God used them greatly to step in and help us in our time of need.

Twelve days later, ten of the children were transferred to another Home in Managua.  We are still waiting for two of the young men to be transferred and three will be staying with us permanently.  God always takes us to places where we need to depend on Him.  He certainly did that with us.



Team Members loving on kids.
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