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Basic Adult Education

During the course of caring for the young ladies living in our center, we encountered many who academically behind for their age.  While a few had never even been to school, others were several grades behind where they should have been for their age.  Because of this age factor, we were unable to send them to a normal classroom where the age difference between them and the other students spanned many years.  In late 2009, we found that the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education already had an advanced adult education program in existence, so we sought permission to open a school under this program. 

In February of 2010, we started offering primary level classes (grades 1-6) to the young ladies at the home as well as other young ladies in our nearby community.  In December of that same year we had our first 6th grade graduation ceremony where 6 young ladies passed on to secondary level classes.

After two successful years, we opened a secondary level program (grades 7-9) in February of 2012.  This program was also opened up to the young men and women from the community.  We currently have 43 young people enrolled and attending classes each week.