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In mid-2009, we began to see the need to work not just in the area of "Protection" but also in "Prevention".  We realized the need when nearly each week we had mothers coming to us seeking help with their children.  Most of the women who came to our gates seeking help had nearly the same characteristics.  They were single mothers who, because of the need to work, had to leave their children at home alone for long hours at a time.  This often resulted in their daughters dropping out of school and running the streets.  This type of lifestyle very often leads to poor education, getting involed in criminal activities, getting involved sexually at a very early age, sexual abuse, and prostitution as a way to earn money. 

During that same year we solicited the Ministry of Families in Nicaragua to allow us to open our doors to the community as a Prevention Center where these "at-risk" young ladies could live at our center during the week and return home to their family on the weekends when there was more supervision.  This program has grown incredibly in the last three years and we have been able to help many young ladies continue their education and develop good habits that will help them in their futures.

In May of 2013 the program was changed because of some new orders from the Minsitry of Families.  Our prevention program only offers help during the day from 7am to 4pm.  The girls arrive at the Home in the morning, attend classes, eat lunch, attend workshops and get help with homework before heading home in the afternoon.

Under this program, we make sure each young lady receives a healthy diet, adequate clothing, health care, education, pre-vocational training through our courses in baking, sewing, beauty and arts/crafts, and spiritual guidance.  We currently have young ladies between the ages of six to eighteen in this program.

To sponsor one of these young ladies, please follow this link.