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We are also raising funds for a remodel to the home that would allow us to convert one of our offices into a library/study hall and then close in part of the front porch in front of the current office to convert it into a new office for our secretary and assistant director.  The picture below shows the area of the front porch that will be closed in to make the new office.



The funds have been raised!!!  I recently had the opportunity to visit a conference put on by Pacesetter Claims Service where the challenge was put forth to raise the funds for this project.  I was truly overwhelmed to see the response of so many of the staff and adjusters respond to the challenge.  $2224.00 was raised in just a few minutes for this much needed project.  A special thanks to Pacesetter and the generosity of their people.

This project was completed in June of 2012 and is serving us well.  The library/study area was never put into use as we had to convert one of the existing offices into another bedroom to alleviate overcrowding in the Home.